Pressure Test Bench

Use this pressure test bench to set check valves, nozzles, and to verify computer  pressure readings.

After seeing what was being used to set check valves, and down nozzles, I built this needed tool.  I started with the highest precision analog test gauge available, a 6″ diameter  3A  .025%  accuracy.  I added a smooth relieving regulator capable of handling high pressure, then built a billet housing to place the gauge, regulator in.  I then designed a place to store all of the different fitting adapters. All of this up on soft poly urethane feet to keep the pressure test bench from moving around in transit.

Fitting adapters allow checking of hoses, check valves, check nozzles, and transducers.

Supply hose is configured for CO2, or Nitrogen…..Your choice.

Fitting adapter sizes from AN-16 to AN-3, and a tire stem valve, for checking tire gauges

All fitting adapters fit in a machined nylon tray, under the lid in the main housing.

Stainless fasteners used through out the assembly.

Can be assembled with the following pressure range gauges.

$1,625.00 US D……….400 psi

$1780.00  US D……….600 psi

$1780.00 US D………..1000 psi

Billet aluminum polished and anodized Royal Purple, and Jet Black.

Racer net less 5%

Manufactured since 1997








Piston Height Checker

Use this tool to check piston height from the deck.


This tool is a simple answer to knowing where the pistons are in relation to the deck.  Wide stance places the checker on the deck, outside of the sleeves, which are higher then the deck.  Checks pistons height above the deck, and below the deck.  Easy to set zero on any surface plate.

Precision 1 inch total travel height gauge is included, (.001 )

Billet aluminum polished and anodized royal purple.

Comes in a  foam padded durable black plastic  case.

Produced since 1999

$85.00 US D

Racer Net $75.00 US D






bob 06550x400
bob2 017-550x400-1

Clutch floater Plate Flatness Checking Tool,

to 25 Millionths of an Inch,

or 50 Millionths of an Inch!

So you think your clutch plates and floaters are flat?


I developed this tool to solve the difficult job of checking the flatness of fresh ground, or new floaters.  If you are using a micrometer to check to see if the plate is parallel, that does not prove it is flat!!!  A spherical washer measures the same thickness in all places, but it is not FLAT!!!  A ‘straight edge’ only checks a ‘single plane.  You must start with a known flat surface to measure  taper, parallel, and or flatness.  Using a good quality inspection grade granite surface plate, this tool with its cast iron puck allows inspection of flatness to within 25 Millionths of an inch,  (1/4 of a tenth of a thousandth of an inch.)

Total ‘span’ of the highly precision 50 millionths indicator is .004″, plus or  minus .002″, (two thousandths of a inch).

Total ‘span’ of the ultra precision 25 millionths indicator is .002″, plus or minus .001″, (one thousandths of a inch).

Both indicators have over travel protection to prevent over travel damage.

Comes in a padded, sturdy black plastic case.

Produced since 2004

$195.00 US D  For puck and articulating indicator arm, with a micro adjustment head.

$279.00 US D  For 50 millionths indicator. (shown in picture)

$611.25  US D  For 25 millionths indicator



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