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Billet Aluminum Quick Disconnect Throttle Cable Ends

The answer to cable ends that leave you on the starting line.

These billet aluminum quick disconnect cable ends utilize the 1/4-28 steel ball stud, that will not fail you on the starting line.  The body and slider sleeve are machined out of billet aluminum.  The aluminum body has a steel thread insert to eliminate cable pullout.   A stainless steel spring, and retaining ring finish off the assembly.  This cable end can be taken apart to replace any of the parts as needed.  Can be used for many applications other then for the throttle control cable, such as reverser control cable end, or fuel shutoff control cable end, for ease of tear down between rounds.  Comes complete with 1/4-28 steel ball stud w/ a heavy duty Bellville washer,  a light Bellville washer and a extra small hex stainless locking nut.

Polished and anodized.  Comes in jet black, or royal purple colors

Comes in body thread sizes for 10-32 or 1/4-28  threaded control cables.

Produced since 2010

$27.50 US D

Racer Net $20.00 US D



Billet Aluminum Ribbed Cable Clamps

The Final Answer to Slipping Cable Housings.

These billet aluminum ribbed cable clamps will not allow the cable housing to slip out and cause you to abort your run.  Machined with the rib to engage the 1/8″ wide cable housing slot.  This feature totally prevents the cable from slipping out, like lesser designs we all have had issues with.

Comes with either a counter sink stainless, or truss head 10-32 fastener, with a Belleville washer and jet nut.  Polished and anodized Jet Black.

Manufactured since 2002

$10.00 US D

Racer Net less 20%


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