Billet Handle Feeler Tool


This sturdy handle with feeler is used for setting the clutch pack air gap.

After using some of the 12″ feelers with handles that were not firmly attached, or the Handle being round, I made this style of feeler handle.  Made out of 1″ aluminum hex this handle fits your hand better, and does not require knurling. The handle is made with a half round shoe insert, and stainless Allen screw to firmly attach the feeler to the handle.  The handle end is CNC milled with the size of the feeler installed, for easy identification. Only the best quality heat-treated steel 12″ feelers are used.

Produced since 1999

Comes in the following sizes

.035  $24.00 US D

.040  $24.00 US D

.045  $32.00 US D

.050  $32.00 US D

.055  $32.00 US D

.060  $32.00 US D

.065  $32.00 US D

.070  $32.00 US D

Racer Net Less 10%

Take an additional 5% off if buying a complete set of eight, from .035 to .070

Higher prices above .040 thickness reflect grinding costs of .041 and thicker feeler sizes.

Other sizes can be supplied upon request.



6 or 9 Stand Clutch Pack Speed Loader

Load this clutch pack speed loader up and the slide the complete clutch pack into the flywheel with one push.

Load your clutch packs when you have the time in preparation of a race.  Then after removing the used clutch pack, you just slip the speed loader on the clutch stand studs, and slide the entire fresh clutch pack on in one motion.  Plate is machined from billet aluminum plate and anodized jet black.  The stands are machined from billet aluminum bar stock and hard anodized jet black for a long wear life.  This speed loader fits 6 and 9 stand clutches.

Produced since 2008

$150.00 US D

Racer Net $125.00 US D




bob 055550x400

11/16 Xtra Deep x 1/2 Drive Torque Socket

For transferring all of the torque wrench torque to the 11/16″ 12 point head nuts, or clutch nuts.


This 6 1/2″ long 11/16″ 12 point deep socket for a 1/2″ square drive stops the torque loss of using a short standard socket with a socket extension. When using a socket extension it allows some of the torque from the torque wrench to twist the extension like a torsion bar and not be delivered to the socket that is turning the nut. The 6 1/2″ length is made so the use of an extension is not required . It is used on head stud nuts, and clutch stand stud nuts. Not for use with an air Impact gun. (rattle guns).

If you have ever adjusted the stands on a clutch with the can on and dropped the socket in the can, then you know how handy this tool can be. It extends outside of the can.

Produced since 2008

$49.95 US D

Racer Net $45.95 US D


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