Nitro-Alcohol Fuel System Components

Parallel Wye Blocks, for Fuel or Oil Distribution 

 Parallel Wye blocks are for combining two lines into one, or splitting one line into two.

These wye blocks are machined from billet aluminum.  All wye blocks have female AN O-ring boss ports.  These wye blocks are designed to keep all hoses parallel to each other for better ‘nesting’.  All designed sizes have been hydrostatic tested to 3,000 psi.  All sizes have oversize honed passage bores for smooth flow.  All wye blocks are hand polished and anodized jet black.

Produced since 2007

Produced in the following AN sizes:

8-6-6  $55.00 US D                         12-10-10  $75.00 US D

8-8-8  $60.00 US D                         12-12-12  $80.00  US D

10-8-8  $65.00 US D                       16-12-12  $85.00  US D

10-10-10  $70.00 US D

Racer Net less 5%


Remote Fuel Shutoff Block

This remote Fuel Shutoff Block is for when the fuel pump is turned 90 degrees to clear the starter on a Injected Nitro Dragster.


I made the first one when I converted the Mark Woods Alcohol dragster to Injected Nitro.  I needed to turn the fuel pump to allow the clearance needed for the crank starter.  This manifold mounts to a tab welded to the top frame rail by two 1/4″ counter sunk mounting holes.  Two AN- 10 O-ring female input ports receive the output of the pump.  One AN-12 O-ring female output port is for the AN-12  3 way fuel shutoff.  One AN-8 O-ring female port is for a direct connection from the pump to the management system.  Machined from billet aluminum and anodized jet black.

Fittings not included.

Produced since 1997

$65.00 USD

Racer Net $60.00 US D



bob 103-550X350
bob 086-550X350



Bolts to the rear injector mounting bolts on a supercharger.


This manifold mounts behind the injector on a supercharger setup.  One AN-8 standoff input supplies twelve AN 815-3  fittings, six per side.  On the rear circuit which is separate from the front circuit, One AN 815-4 nipple supplies four AN 815-3 fittings, two per side.  The rear circuit is used for adding Nitro, or Nitrous on outlaw cars. Comes with all fittings and mounting bracket.  Machined from Billet aluminum, anodized jet black

Produced since 2008

$120.00 US D

Racer Net $115.00 US D



Fuel Pump Service Kit


This Pump service kit allows you to remove the fuel pump and plug all openings.

You made your last run and have drained the fuel from the fuel tank.  If you do not remove the fuel pump, then the pump gears and end plates may rust. Nitro and Alcohol are solvents and when removed, allows air moisture to invade the pump to rust any pump surface where the coating may be worn off.  This is the process that causes most of the pump wear.  You fill the tank at the next race and start the engine, rubbing off the accumulated rust into the fuel system to complete the wearing process.  So removing the pump and using this service kit allows you to add lube to the pump for proper storage until the next race.

Kit includes all you need to remove the pump.  Two plugs to close off the two suction lines, and two cap assemblies to cap of the pump after pouring in the pump lube and turning the pump hex to distribute the lube in the pump.

Produced since 1996

$65.00 US D

$60.00 Racer Net


bob 065-550x350
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