Automan Pro Style Battery Pack



 The Premium Battery Pack to use on all 48 volt starter systems!

This is the only battery pack, with the ‘SMART’ battery chargers completely built in.

•  No more charging separate batteries with a 12 volt charger.

•  Batteries are protected inside the sturdy aluminum box.

•  All batteries are RIGHT SIDE UP, for long intended life, unlike others where 2 of the batteries are UP SIDE DOWN!!!

•  All inter connecting buss bars are nickel plated to prevent corrosion.

•  All batteries are clamped in position to prevent unwanted movement, even if being upside down.

•  Plastic insulators are placed at all battery terminal junctions to prevent electrical shorts.

•  1/0 gage battery cables deliver power to a standard red plug.

•  Plastic windows in the battery box lid allow viewing of charger indicator lights to show state of battery charge.

•  Only  Odyssey batteries are used, made in USA!!!!!

•  Stainless fasteners used through out.

•  Comes ready to use, with the  120 volt AC cord, A safety pull handle for the connecting cable, and complete instructions.

•  Manufactured since 2003

$1,195.00 U SD

Racer Net less 5%



Automan Pro Style Battery Cable


 The Highest Quality Starter Cable On the Market!

This 15 foot plus battery pack extension uses 1 gage welding cable. Others use the smaller 2 gage cable which is one size smaller.  Standard red plugs with the proper size silver plated connectors.  Cables are inside of the toughest mining cable covering available. A red pull handle is provided to the plug to the battery pack for a fast and positive way to disconnect power from the starter in the event of the starter solenoid failure.

Since 2009

$150.00 US D

Racer Net Less 10%




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