Automan Technologies Monster Fuel Injector

The largest Injected Nitro Injector in the class!

At nearly 100 square inches of area this ‘Monster’, completely un-shrouds all intake runners in the plenum.  This is a completely ‘Billet injector’, no castings!

• The 1/2″ stainless butterfly shaft rides in 3 needle bearings, and has 7/16″- 36 splined ends for billet aluminum shaft stops and billet shaft arms.

• Billet aluminum shaft stops are all inserted with 10-32 steel thread inserts.  All hardware on the shaft stops is stainless.

• The large butterflies have full radius on leading and trailing edges, and have Teflon tubing dovetailed in the ends to reduce end clearance for better idle control.

• Barrel valve mounting area has the standard 1/4-20 threaded holes on the standard 9/16 center line, and an additional 1/4″-20 threaded hole at a 1″ center line to the first threaded hole.

• Two drilled 1/8″ holes for pinning the barrel valve to the injector with roll pins to remove all axial movement of the barrel valve.

• Injector is mounted to the manifold by 18 counter bored holes, with 1/4-20 Allen head cap screws.

• Injector top plate is inserted with 10-32 steel inserts, 8 places per side for scoop mounting.

• Injector comes will all hardware to mount to a manifold, and to mount and pin the barrel valve. (linkage from injector to barrel valve is  extra)

Produced since 2006

$2,950.00 US D

$2,750.00 US D Racer Net



Fuel Injector Accessories

MVV Barrel Valve.

The only barrel valve that a tuner can change the idle return circuit timing on.

This is the only barrel valve on the market that has a separate idle return spool that can be ‘timed’ to the main spool.  This feature allows for adjustment of a quicker, or slower rise in fuel pressure at the step of the pedal.  If you have a small size pump, then closing the idle return circuit quicker will help to raise the fuel pressure at the step of the pedal.  If you have a large pump, then a retarded closing of the idle return circuit will prevent over fueling the motor at the step of the pedal.  This is a completely billet construction with .002 thick hard anodizing of the main body, with Teflon coated main and idle return spools.

This is the original Kent Enderle design, with 3 minor changes to improve on a great design.  I began producing the MVV once Enderle stopped production, and was out of new parts, with Kent Enderle’s permission.

Comes with all fitting plates, stainless fasteners, and fitting sizes to fit your application.

The Auxiliary metering valve shown attached to the MVV barrel valve is extra.

Produced since 2010

$1,200.00 US D

$1,099.00 US D Racer Net




bob 052-550x300
bob 068-550X350

Auxiliary Nitro Metering Valve.

The add on ‘clicker’ valve to adjust idle fuel while the engine is running

I have always liked the MVV barrel valve for many reasons, but one of it’s draw backs was making idle fuel adjustments with the set screw adjuster.  This was especially touchy when the MVV was mounted on the front of a inline injector.  You needed a shortened 5/32″ Allen wrench and a 1/2″ open end wrench.  This adjustment was made even more difficult with the running engine shaking and vibrating.  So here is my answer to one of the needed changes to an already great barrel valve design.  This auxiliary metering valve solves the need to use any tools.  It has a clicker so you can count clicks as you turn it by hand, and each click adds or subtracts 1/30 of a gallon per minute @ 100 psi.  3 clicks changes the idle fuel by 1/10 of a gallon per minute.  This auxiliary metering valve attaches to all MVV barrel valves in existing AN-2 female boss ports with polished stainless button head banjo fasteners.  With the adjustment knob in the middle of its span, you can add or subtract 1/2 gallon per minute from the idle circuit, (15 clicks+/-).  The clicker bracket has a hard stop to prevent opening the valve too far and having a major fuel leak.  Made from billet stainless, and aluminum.  The body is polished and anodized jet black.

Produced since 2005

$475.00 US D

Racer Net $425.00 US D

$375.00 US D Racer Net when purchased with an MVV barrel valve. 



Nitro & Alcohol Distribution Block.

The best injected nitro manifold distribution block for nitro and alcohol, all in one block.

In the early days of Injected nitro it required a 8 port distribution block for nitro, and one for alcohol.  To solve this I designed this all-in-one distribution block. Constructed of billet aluminum, with NO PIPE THREADS!  Only plumbers put pipe threads on racecar parts!  All ports are boss AN O-ring type!

On the Alcohol side a single AN-8 inlet feeds eight AN-3 ports, with eight red AN815-3 boss union fittings installed.

On the Nitro side a single AN-12 feeds two AN-8 down nozzle ports, and eight AN-3, ports. There one AN-6 port, and one AN-3 port on the back of the block. Installed are eight blue AN815-3 boss union fittings, two black AN815-8 boss union fittings, and one AN-833-12, 90 degree bulkhead and nut fitting. On the back is a AN-6 button plug, (for attaching a pressure gauge to set pressures in the pit), and a AN815-3 boss union fitting, (for a port to a data transducer for recording nitro pressures).

The manifold is polished and anodized jet black.

Produced since 1999

$375.00 US D

Racer Net $350.00 US D



bob 048-550x350

Automan Burnout Stop.

One of the most copied burnout stop on the market today.

I designed and first produced this clip on burnout stop in 1996. Since then 4 different company’s just in North America alone have directly copied or cloned my design.  This is solid proof I got it right from the very start.  Machined out of billet aluminum, polished, and anodized royal purple.

I now have built new tooling, and manufacture all parts for this item in-house.  I now can sell this product well below my competitors.

Comes with 1 aluminum washer,  1 nylock stainless half-nut, and instructions.

Comes in two different control cable sizes, 10-32,  or  1/4-28.

Produced since 1996

$37.50 US D

Racer Net $25.00 US D



Billet Aluminum Throttle Shaft Stops

Allows easier idle adjustments with 10-32 adjusting screws.

These billet aluminum throttle shaft stops are machined as a complementary pair.  A true left and right shaft stop, which places all screws of the same type, in the same direction, from side to side.  All adjusting screws ride in steel inserts instead of aluminum, for added strength.  10-32 threads allow for finer adjustment.

Stainless steel with flat cut ended fasteners throughout.  Polished then Anodized jet black.

Produced since 2002

$100.00 US D for the pair.

Racer Net $60.00 US D for the pair.



Billet Aluminum Throttle Shaft Arm

These polished and anodized beauties are the perfect way to finish off your injector.

Machined out of billet aluminum, these 7/16-36 splined shaft arms are the size used by a majority of injector manufactures.  made with two 1/4-28 taped holes for the superior strength of the 1/4-28 ball stud.  The other end is taped 10-24  for  barrel valve linkage, or a return spring post.  The 1/4-20 stainless Allen head cap screw for clamping the arm to the shaft is in a parallel position to the arm.

Polished and anodized jet black.

Produced since 2004

$25.00 US D

Racer Net $20.00 US D



Billet Aluminum Quick Disconnect Throttle Cable Ends

The answer to cable ends that leave you on the starting line.

These billet aluminum quick disconnect cable ends utilize the 1/4-28 steel ball stud, that will not fail you on the starting line.  The body and slider sleeve are machined out of billet aluminum.  The aluminum body has a steel thread insert to eliminate cable pullout.   A stainless steel spring, and retaining ring finish off the assembly.  This cable end can be taken apart to replace any of the parts as needed.  Can be used for many applications other then for the throttle control cable, such as reverser control cable end, or fuel shutoff control cable end, for ease of tear down between rounds.  Comes complete with 1/4-28 steel ball stud w/ a heavy duty Bellville washer,  a light Bellville washer and a extra small hex stainless locking nut.

Polished and anodized.  Comes in jet black, or royal purple colors

Comes in body thread sizes for 10-32 or 1/4-28  threaded control cables.

Produced since 2010

$27.50 US D

Racer Net $20.00 US D



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