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Automan Exotic Logic
Our products are in the winners circle every weekend
Clutch Management
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Products For Champions Around The World
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Hell Yeah! It’s a completely true and responsive design.
Automan Fuel Systems
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Products engineered and manufactured for the stresses of competetion
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Quality and Value is built into our Engineering and Design.
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Automan Technologies
Products engineered and manufactured for land or water competetion.
Featured Products

 Automan Technologies

Automan Technologies is a leader in design and application of products for the professional motorsport racer.  Our list of customers is the ‘who’s who’ list of today’s winners and champions.

We produce the fastest, safest racing products with the highest standards of build quality and after care support.

Fuel System Products


Clutch System Products


Exotic Logic


The Automan Pursuit of Excellence


For almost 30 years, Bob Ottow  has devoted himself to the business of designing, building and supporting some of the world’s most competitive racing cars. His career path began in the aerospace industry, so with aerospace standards and practices in mind Bob has created all of his products to perform to levels beyond just getting the job done.

While the embodiment of the culture of Automan Technologies can be summed up with the simple phrase ‘The Pursuit of Excellence’. This means to strive for the ultimate in performance by creating an environment of innovation, team spirit and pride in our work.

Automan Technologies products can be found on professional racing vehicles not only in America, but in Canada, Australia, and Europe.

 Why Use Automan Technologies Products?


All Automan Technologies products are designed with safety and ease of use as the number one concern. Our products are some of the most copied products by other manufactures today.  Their R&D is simply ‘Rip off and Duplicate of our products!

Why pay more to own a ‘copy’, when you can pay up to 50% less and own the original. Tried and true design that others have simply copied and charge more for.

Automan Fuel Systems, Clutch Systems and support equipment can be found in 4 wheel racing, 2 wheel racing or on the water. His systems and tooling are versatile enough to support just about any motorsport genera.

Automan Products Versatility


The use of the modular design concept, means that when you need more or less stroke in your clutch cannon, it can be accomplished by changing a few pieces, instead of having to purchase a whole new clutch cannon.   All of our products are engineered and manufactured in house to the most stringent industry standards..

We do this cost-effectively, with style, but always with the needs of the customer as a first priority. We believe that the wealth of our experience and continued investment in people and equipment provides us with the perfect foundation to take on the constantly evolving challenges of international motorsport. And win.

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